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The art of school improvement lies in aligning the outstanding human resources that exist in most schools, with the knowledge and understanding that now exists about how learners learn. This sounds simple, but in reality it is a complex and challenging undertaking. School Improvement does not happen overnight, and teachers and students, like all human beings, are creatures of habit.

For change to happen in schools, it must be perceived as being worthwhile, relatively easy to achieve, and with immediate positive outcomes for all concerned.

As educators, we are in the main, successful products of a far from perfect educational model. This model was designed during the industrial revolution, and leveraged the principal that there were intelligent children and non-intelligent children.

In reality, what was produced from this model was engaged learners and non-engaged learners. The natural human reaction of most teachers when they come into teaching is to do to their learners what had worked for them when they were learners.

Not surprisingly this tends to deliver more or less the same results. If school improvement is ever to achieve the holy grail of 100% learner engagement, and learners achieving outstanding outcomes with their own natural resources, school improvement must be about doing things differently.

The incredibly exciting thing about being an educator in 2011, is that much of the knowledge we need to deliver genuine school improvement not only exists, but has been turned into school improvement solutions that are well researched and with empowering evidence bases.

Moreover, technology has begun to be used to make the engagement of these school improvement solutions an easy experience for all educators and learners, not just those blessed with a phd in software programming!

The Balance Consortium has begun to collect these school improvement solutions together and package them into easy to use, sustainable models that immediately enhance the experience of educators and learners alike.

All learners are born with 100 Billion brain cells! It is how we nurture and engage this extraordinary natural resource for learning that dictates the outcomes as our learners’ journey through school and into adult life.

You can learn more about this growing collection of school improvement solutions by clicking on the more information button below, or contact us direct to arrange a school visit from one of our school improvement consultants.

In most cases you can try the solutions out for yourself without cost, and in all cases you can examine the evidence behind the solutions before you engage.

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